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Malazan Book of the Fallen:
Lands West of Seven Cities

Based on the early map by Steven Erikson



The lands west of Seven Cities host many nations with little association with the Malazan Empire. The Cabal Archipelago was a theocracy serving the “The One God” with many sects of the devoted. Shal-Morzinn was a secluded and xenophobic nation ruled by three sorcerer kings knows as “The Three”. The Perish Grey Helms were a group of warrior priests dedicated to the Wolves of Winter, Togg and Fanderay. Nemil was an expansionist kingdom bordering the Perish and the Trell Lands, often at war with its neighbors.

The 14th Malazan Army (Bonehunters) made an alliance with the Perish Grey Helms later in the Malazan Book of the Fallen.

Map of the Lands West of Seven Cities

February 2022

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Josh Butler: Designer. Made in NYC. Always a Work in Progress.