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Novels of the Malazan Empire:
Assail & Bael

Based on the original map by Steven Erikson, Ian Cameron Esslemont, & Neil Gower



The continent of Assail was situated between Genabackis and the Letheriicontinent. It was held to be the most dangerous and hostile part of the Malazan world. The Malazans knew of the existence of Assail and the Wreckers’ Coast along its shores, but the Empire had chosen to make no incursions there due to the extreme danger of the land. It was dominated by a human leader whose armies were powerful enough to destroy T’lan Imass forces. Little else was known of it.

Assail’s southernmost region (or subcontinent) was called Bael.


Map of Assail & Bael

December 2021

4459px X 3800px
14.85″ X 12.7

Josh Butler: Designer. Made in NYC. Always a Work in Progress.