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Novels of the Malazan Empire:
Lands of Fist & Stratem

Based on the original map by Ian Cameron Esslemont & Neil Gower



Korel was the Malazan name for the continent to the south and east of Quon Tali. The continent was made up to two subcontinents: the Lands of Fist and Stratem.

The Malazan Empire initially invaded Korel (though technically, only the Lands of Fist, the invasion did not extend as far south as Stratem) and took over most of the Lands of Fist, although they negotiated a diplomatic agreement with Korelri. They left behind an occupation force consisting of the Malaz 6th Army.

To the continent’s natives, the Malazan homeland was a mythical island known as Jakatakan.

Map of Lands of Fist & Stratem

Early June 2021

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Josh Butler: Designer. Made in NYC. Always a Work in Progress.