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Malazan Book of the Fallen:
Quon Tali

Based on the original map by Steven Erikson & Neil Gower



Quon Tali was the home continent of the Malazan Empire. It was bounded to the south and west by the Horn Ocean. To the southeast lay Reacher’s Ocean and to the east, the Falari and Bloor Seas. In the north lay the Ice Fields and to the northeast, the Colonnus Sea. To the southeast were the islands of Geni, Kartool, Malaz, and Nap. The mysterious drifting island of Drift Avalii lay somewhere to the southwest of the continent.

The history of the continent was dominated by two rival provinces, Unta in the east and Quon Tali in the west. Each sought to dominate trade and crush its rival while “lesser states, Itko Kan, Cawn, Gris, and Dal Hon, danced in a myriad of alliances, trade combines and Troikas marshaled against one or both poles.” When the Malazans began their domination of the continent, Unta and Quon Tali were the first to fall. After sealing the deal with Kellanved, the province’s council of nobles was rounded up and beheaded.

Map of the Quon Tali

February 2021

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