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Malazan Book of the Fallen:
Genostel Archipelago & Umryg

Based on the early map by Steven Erikson



According to Lady Envy, the Genostel Archipelago was located half a world away from Genabackis. The language there was Imari and the people were seafarers, though the civilization had peaked centuries earlier. She also deduced that the Pannion Domin was once a Genostelian colony.

Umryg was an isolated island kingdom ruled by long-lived Primogenitrix Timmel Orosenn. Its thaumaturgs were organized in the Circlet of Umryg group and led by Circlet Master T’enet. The kingdom also maintained a standing army. The island’s interior featured mountains and a valley of burial caverns interspersed with ancient earthworks. Despite being an island, Umryg was “no sea-faring state.” The Primogenitrix’s ship Supplicant was slow and ungainly, supernaturally tall, top heavy, and likely run by magical means.

Umryg’s location in the Malazan world has not been revealed. However, Erikson’s early map shows it near Genostel.

Map of the Genostel Archipelago & Umryg

April 2023

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