CapitalOne Epic:
Energy Production Web App

The goal of this project was to build a tool where analysts of the energy industry can determine valuations of oil and gas companies. The tool was intended to crunch data on current oil and gas production as well as potential future drilling to formulate a valuation.

Specifically for the project, the client was the Energy arm of the Sales, Research, Trading (SRT) group at Capital One Securities.  The basic service SRT provides is the distribution of the valuation data to external clients via newsletters and Excel spreadsheets. While this service was in demand, there was no business model to charge clients. An overarching goal was to remedy this with an easy-to-use online portal that could be billable via subscription.

Role : Product Design Lead – CapitalOne Commercial Digital Innovation

The goal of the app is to help CapitalOne analysts create a valuation for oil and gas companies.

The two key areas the analysts use to create a valuations for a company is to account for all the oil and gas drilled up to present and then to predict where the companies will drill in the future. They do this for all the land leased by the company.

Base Production:
Current Wells  (Drilled to Date, Estimated Remaining Reserves)
Future Drilling
Future Wells
Landing Screen

The analysts manage a set of companies. The landing screen allows the analysts to dive into recently viewed companies as well as provides a quick search tool to find the other companies on the platform.

Base Production Sketch

Before I started designing, I sketched. Here is a concept for the dashboard that represents all current production, also known as Base Production.

Base Production Mockup

The Base Production screen represents all the oil and gas extracted to date per each basin in which the company operates. It also includes confirmed reserves and estimates the rate of depletion of those reserves.

Modify Data Modal

As the analysts learn more about the company’s production, they can then update the estimates.

Sketch of Flow for Predicting Future Production

Here is a diagram explaining early understandings on the Future Production component of EPIC. Future Production does more than estimate the remaining oil and gas on existing wells. It intends to predict where else a company will drill next based on current leases and “rock” quality of existing land.

Future Production Mockup

The first step for determining how many more wells can be drilled, the analysts grade the companies existing land leases by quality and then determine how many more wells will be built in the existing land. They use a technique called “acreage math” to determine this.

In this screen, you can see that the leased land is broken into 4 categories. The first 3 categories are in color and represent land the company will mostly likely drill on. The last category, in gray, won’t be drilled on. The data scientists at capital one planned how to rank the land.

Modify Map Overlay

The analysts have the option to alternate the map to a preferred view.


I designed a logo for EPIC.

  1. Launched portal to help CapitalOne analysts determine oil and gas production for energy companies.

  2. Allows users to save time by removing the need to build complicated spreadsheets

  3. Began developing a prototype feature intended to help analysts predict future drilling activity

  4. Design effort was suspended while the data science team could build out predictive models