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Trading Vertical

Problem: Create a marketing website that would serve as a catalyst for the development FS Investments new brand identity.

Design Lead
Business Impact:
– First touchpoint for new brand system of FS Investments
– Developed the approach on how to express the brand experience
– Comprehensive learning platform for Alternative Investing
FS Investments
– Information Architecture
– Visual Design
– Design Systems

Project Overview

FS Investments, recognized as a leading asset manager with a focus on “alternative investments,” needed a fully responsive corporate website. The goal of the site was to provide investors and interested parties with in-depth information about their wide-ranging funds. Beyond that, the site presenting insightful thought leadership articles that delve deep into the investment landscape. Additionally, it was created to represent FS Investments’ values, goals, and operations, giving visitors a clear overview of the company and what it stands for.

I collaborated with a product manager to refine the site’s informational architecture. As FS introduced its new brand identity, our website stood as the foundational platform shaping this brand experience. We integrated photography, cards, and a clean aesthetic to encapsulate the brand’s spirit. Together with a developer, we ensured component reusability. Even as the site evolved, its core brand strategy persisted.

Successes and Obstacles

1st Touchpint for Refreshed Branding

Successfully unveiled a cutting-edge marketing site that was pivotal in introducing FS Investments’ refreshed branding to the global audience.

Engaging Content

The site became a beacon for thought leadership, underpinned by meticulously crafted information architecture that ensured visitors enjoyed a seamless and enriching user experience.

Brand Catalyst

The website design not only resonated with users but also set a benchmark, influencing FS Investments’ visual language across various other platforms and applications.

Enduring Design

Testament to its robust and timeless design, the website remained predominantly unchanged, from 2016 to 2020, highlighting its enduring relevance in a rapidly changing digital landscape.

Ridgeline Trading Platform

  • Sample Screens to show the holistic experience of

Vertical Info Share Presentation

  • The homepage sets up fundamental UI patterns used throughout the application such as the photographic banner and card system
  • “Off Canvas” Navigation categorizes content into 4 sections: Learn, Perspectives, Investments, About FS

Full View of Vertical

  • All funds listed by FS Investments is presented in a detailed format where potential investors can get all the information needed to make educated decisions on investment.

First Task: Evangelizing a Better Experience for the Table

  • The table was meant to replace the 3rd-party AG-Grid platform. As we were working fast we implemented things differently then in many table packages across the finance space.
  • Column Manager
  • Row Groupings
  • Aggregations

Ticket Refinements

  • Add context to the tickets with a context bar that shows Buy/Sell, ticker, Status, Order ID
  • Add notification system to show alerts when placing orders
  • Add enhanced functionality to the tickets for different asset classes, multiple executions, merging orders, etc.

Showing Flows for Buy-In and Developer Communication

  • Here is a simple example of the multitude of user flows for various ticket features.

Adding Dynamic Algo Definition Language to Order Tickets

  • Every broker has their own bespoke set of algos, a set of forms that allow order to dynamically trade
  • The goal here was to create a flexible system that would allow any type of also form to be rendered automatically
  • We had to analyze multitudes of algo forms to arrive at a solution that both didn’t break the design system as well as the algo form hierarchy.

Designing with Google Sheets

  • The Fund Detail is a data rich page, but it scales easily to a mobile version.

Featured: Trading through an External EMS

  • The Fund Detail is a data rich page, but it scales easily to a mobile version.
Josh Butler: Designer. Made in NYC. Always a Work in Progress.