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MeddleKidz Alphabet Master iOS:
Writing Practice App



When my son began his handwriting journey, he had a persistent habit of shaping lowercase letters as though they were uppercase. To address this, I would print out specialized sheets with lined guides to help him understand the nuances of ascenders, descenders, and the ideal positioning of letters relative to the line’s midpoint.

This experience inspired me to create MeddleKidz Alphabet Master, a tablet app designed to make it easier to learn how to write properly. Unlike traditional PDFs, the app provides a digital canvas featuring a grid of muted, dashed letters, making it easy for a child to trace and internalize correct forms. The app’s interactive nature eliminates the need for endless printing, allowing for convenient erasing and retracing. Moreover, the option to change writing colors adds an element of fun and engagement.

MeddleKidz Alphabet Master

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Programming Tasks

  • Color Tile Variables
  • Letter Variables
  • Adjustable Grids
  • Model to Add Color and Letters to card
  • Color convertor tool to use RGB.
  • Diverting to design mockups to use native functionality.
  • Drawing Tool: Bug Fixing – (moving from Swift to UIKit)
  • Switching the color of the lines
  • Erasing the lines.
  • Sending the selected card data to the the Sheet the represents the letter and color
Josh Butler: Designer. Made in NYC. Always a Work in Progress.