Most of the map work I’ve done until recently has been jumping right into Affinity Photo and experimenting with texture, color, and shading. It’s fun, but I find that I’ve been designing my way into a corner. I generally focus on an area, then start working on mountains, and then get frustrated they all don’t look the same. The other issue is that you get the blank canvas effect where so much of the map is empty and you have a hard time seeing the potential.

I decided to try the traditional way and draw out the map first.

Basically, I’m obsessed with the Seven Cities continent in Malazan Book of the Fallen. I would really like to make a great map of this world. Here you see a close up of the Sepik Sea area with the Olphara mountains and Sepik island.

I started using Affinity Photo on the iPad a couple months ago. I like how seamless the experience is between desktop and tablet. It’s good for me compared to Procreate because it hasn’t limited me to the number of layers I can use.

The only thing I’m concerned with is that I set the canvas to letter size. I did this because Procreate would get overwhelmed on my iPad 2018. But, Affinity Photo seems ok and I probably would have been fine doubling the size. I’ll probably have to trace over it for a bigger map…

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