I was happy with my most recent map, so I wanted to apply the style to Seven Cities map I worked on earlier this year. It would also give me the opportunity to increase the resolution. The current map can be printed with a 13″x19″ sheet here in the USA. I continued with drawing most of it on the Subway, which is a good chunk of time fo focus. Not sure what to work on next, but I’m thinking Darujhistan might be good, as it is a city and would be my first attempt.

Seven Cities is one of my favorite settings in the Malazan book of the fallen, so I wanted to do it justice!

Completed Map

Above shows the complete map of Seven cities. It was much faster to create as opposed to Genabackis, but still took a while (2 months: 75 subway hours). I will probably apply the graphic design here on the Genabackis map as a next goal

Graphic Design Elements

For this map, I decided to use a more generic label that I can also apply to future Malazan Maps. I also created some new icons to represent the Holy Cities.

Sepik Sea and Surroundings

The area around the Sepik Sea is one of my favorites in terms of geography. Not much has been written about it, although the Tiste Edur overtook Sepik in the later part of the series.

Southern Area of Seven Cities

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