Fresh from finishing Return of the Crimson Guard, I’ve just completed a new map for Quon Tali and the Falari Isles. This time I forced myself to make it in grayscale. I did this partly because I wasn’t totally happy with the results of the Seven Cities and Genabackis maps. At least, I felt the results varied. I realized it was important to make sure the backbone of the map is solid.

Some of the technical things I wanted to insure was to make the mountains feel less uniform and more organically placed. I think I achieved this. I also wanted to provide a solid texture for the ground, and I think it works really welll as the mountains meet the ground.

I took some liberties with rivers on the middle-west side of the Quon Tali continent. I made it so that a river comes from the mountains on the peninsula near Destry and Attic, were as the river was supposed to come from the mountains new Cullis and Quon Tali city. The maps weren’t super detailed, and I felt too many rivers came from that area.

Detail view of the Li Heng – Cawn area. This is a major place in  the novel Return of the Crimson Guard.
Falari Peninsula and Isles
Detail of Malaz Island
Wireframe and Texture Comparison

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