After several months drawing on subway, I’ve finally finished this maps of Genabackis from the Malazan Book of a Fallen. I started this map by finishing up most of the simple line work. There was a whole lot of rework as I was exploring line weights and styles for things like trees. Then adding color and textures also required a lot of exploration. The outcome is a style that I’m happy to repeat on new maps. Now that the style has been created, doing new maps should be much quicker.

Completed Map

Above shows the complete. The drawing and coloring happened on the subway, while I still had to do the design on my home setup.

Info Panel Closeup

For this map, I decided to use icons to represent the cities to show the size and type. Also, you can see that there is a globe that provides context to the location of Genabackis to the world.

Detail of the North

It takes a lot to develop a style for a map that is repeatable. I’m planning on making other maps in the Malazan world in this style.

Detail of the Center

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