On the heels of the last post, it was really great finishing up the line drawings of my Seven Cities map. Before, I would have jumped in and started filling in the lines with shading and textures. But, finishing the line drawings first give me the opportunity to really figure out how the whole map would flow. So, with the wireframe of the app done, I could come in with the paper texture and start coloring in the lines.

In the previous post, I only showed the Sepik Sear region of Seven Cities. In this post, I’ve show another couple areas.

I created this entire map with Affinity Photo on iPad and desktop. It was awesome using Affinity Photo, but I was concerned about the performance of my iPad 2018, so I made the maps around letter size. I would choose a larger size if I could do over, but I will finish this map up.

Wireframe and Texture Comparison

Above, you can see how I filled in the line drawings. The area depicted in the map above is the Sepik Sea region of Seven Cities. You can see the Olphara Mountains and Forest, Sepik Island, and the city of Yath Alban

Otataral Island Region – (in progress)
This is the Clatar Sea region where Aren, Ubaryd, Vathar Forest, and the Jhena Mountains is located.

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