I had been dreading working on this mountain range for a while. I just didn’t think i could pull it off. But, a few months ago my work bought me an iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil, so I took the opportunity to try drawing these mountains in Procreate. It felt quite natural and sitting on my sofa drawing these mountains seemed quite natural. The problem was that I had begun my map in Affinity Photo. The line work didn’t match up.

I ended up sending the exporting the Procreate work as a PSD and bringing that into my larger Affinity Photo project. I had to redraw the lines, though some still remain from Procreate. I couldn’t seem to get rid of the jagged-ness of strokes in Procreate. Affinity Photo brush feels more delicate, but I need to play with the settings more in Procreate.

But, I think Procreate is great. It wouldn’t be such a big deal to draw a map completely in Procreate as all the line work would match up.

These first mountains I created in Affinity Photo.

Created with Affinity Photo and Procreate

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